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Robert Drake Gary Goodpaster, Secretary of the Board of Directors - Gary Goodpaster is the Chief of Maintenance for The Kroger Co. and is an adjunct instructor for an A&P school in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been with The Kroger Co. for 26 years and has been instructing for over 12 years. The Kroger Co. has operated a flight department since 1956 and has a Limited Repair Station to help maintain its fleet. The Kroger Co. also participates in the FAA AMT Employer Program.

Gary is married to Gail Goodpaster. They have just celebrated their 35th anniversary in February. They have two children, Matthew and Andrew. Matt is continuing with the aviation lifestyle and works for Executive Jet Management in Cincinnati and Andy has decided to expend his energy in the computer field utilizing the knowledge he gained at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Gary was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He had a rather average childhood with only an interest in aviation. This was satisfied by reading. Remember this was in the 60s and 70s, meaning no internet. The closest airport was not within bicycle distance so his only exposure to aviation was through reading.

After a disastrous initiation to aviation in 1973 (he broke his leg on his first sky dive), he enrolled in an A&P school and earned his Mechanic Certificate with A&P ratings in 1975. He now holds an Inspectors Authorization, is a Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) for the FAA, a FAASTeam representative, has the FCC GROL rating, the NCATT AET rating, and a private pilot certificate. Recently Gary earned the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Certified Aviation Manager certificate (CAM). He is also the Aircraft Electronic Association (AEA) Ambassador in the Cincinnati area.

Gary has received the following awards: 1998 FAA Great Lakes Region AMT of the Year, 1999 Distinguished Alumni Award from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, 2002 Flight Safety Foundation/PAMA Joe Chase Award, and 2004 FAA National AMT of the Year. Gary started participating in the FAA AMT Award Program in 1998 and has continuously participated every year since then.

Gary was the President of the Cincinnati Chapter of PAMA for 10 years and was just elected as president of the Ohio Aircraft Technician's Society in 2012. In the past he has served on the NBAA Maintenance Committee Board and on the FAA / Industry AMT Awards Committee. Currently he is serving on the AMTSociety Board, and the Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association (ORBAA) Board, a regional association affiliated to the NBAA.

Gary stays involved in mentoring today's youth several ways. The Kroger Co. has been involved in a maintenance technician intern program with the Cincinnati State Aviation Program since 1987 and Gary volunteers for several local events in Cincinnati that include Lunken Airport Career Days and the Boy Scout Air Adventure Program.

Although Gary's passion is aircraft maintenance, he is now concentrating on leadership and management issues. He has attended the NTSB Aircraft Accident Investigation course, several courses on Aviation Emergency Response plans, and his involvement with ORBAA is an effort to seek more involvement from aircraft maintenance technicians in leadership roles.

Although his commitment to volunteering has reduced his free time; Gary has started on several programs to improve himself. He has actively initiated a program to complete his Bachelor's degree, he has decided to renew his pilot certificate, and has increased his responsibility for self-improvement through industry seminars and self-learning.

Gary would also like everybody to know that one of the reasons he can dedicate his time back to the industry is because of the team at The Kroger Co. Starting with the Aviation Director, Bob Smyth; Bob encourages Gary to participate in industry events. Continuing with the teamwork of maintenance team; the maintenance team consists of Don Streitenberger, Rich Brannock, Jason Deitsch, Sam Hennessey, and Nate Heim. Their teamwork is beyond compare and allows Gary to travel knowing that the department is running safely, efficiently, and smoothly.

Gary would also like to encourage all AMTs to take charge of their future, engage in their career, and become a positive force in our industry.

Jim SparksJim Sparks, Director - Jim Sparks is a licensed A&P and has spent most of his 36+ year aviation maintenance career associated with business aircraft. Experience includes flight line and heavy maintenance on a wide array of business jets, support of cargo and special mission machines and as Technical Representative for an airframe manufacturer. As far as a special talent, Jim frequently comments that “with a last name like Sparks, I didn't get to spend much time in the hydraulic shop.” Candidly Jim says; “Troubleshooting seems to be a dying art that needs preservation. In my opinion, the solution revolves around technicians equipped with the appropriate knowledge to help promote thought.”

Currently, he directs the maintenance for a private corporation on a fleet of aircraft including several types of business jets, turbine helicopters and light single engine aircraft.

Jim has devoted numerous years to educational roles while working for several aviation maintenance training providers and a business jet manufacturer. In this role, Jim accumulated several million frequent flier miles traveling the world having countless opportunities to meet multi-national aircraft technicians and airworthiness authorities plus interact with heads of government and industry. Writing the Avionics column for Aircraft Maintenance Technology is one of the ways Jim keeps his passion for educating technicians alive. A current and active member of the FAA Safety Team (FAAST), he speaks at various aviation events including Inspection Authorization Seminars. In addition to AMT Society, his other professional activities include participation on the NBAA Maintenance Committee and the Honeywell Operators Board. These opportunities have provided him a very unique perspective on our profession.

One of Jim's NBAA initiatives is to assist in the production of a new industry recognized standard for the ongoing educational criteria applied to technicians working with business aircraft.

Mr. Sparks has a clear vision of the future of aviation maintenance and will continue to promote professionalism and looks forward to the day when the importance of what we do becomes common knowledge.

Mark Collins

Mark D. Collins, Director - Mark D. Collins is the Manager of the LAX Aircraft Structures Department for FedEx Express. He holds an A&P certification and FCC license.

His aviation career stems over 21 years. In 1987 he joined the U.S. Navy where he served as an AMS. During his 4 years he advanced to Petty Officer. Mark was assigned to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He managed the Composite shop onboard the USS John F. Kennedy. His duties included performing aircraft composite repairs on fighter aircraft, such as the A-6 intruder and the F-14 tomcat. In 1991, Mark received an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Navy along with many commendations, including the liberation of Kuwait medal.

Mark's commercial aviation career started with Continental Airlines in 1992. He worked as an AMT in the composite shop. He left Continental Airlines in 1994 to work for FedEx Express. While at FedEx, he worked in the composite shop as a Senior AMT for 4 years. He pursued a management position and was awarded the position in 1998. He managed the Composite, Paint, and Interior Departments for 8 years. Mark is currently the manager of Aircraft Structures and has been with FedEx Express for 16 years.

Mark was recently awarded the Title of Honorary Professor for his outstanding commitment and dedication to the educational community. He developed the curriculum for Crimson Technical College's future Post Graduate Courses in Advanced Composites. Mark is also on Crimson's advisory board. He is an adjunct instructor for San Bernardino Valley College, where he teaches Aviation Composites, and serves on their advisory board.

Mark has coordinated and supported many community outreach projects such as, United Way, The American Stroke Association, and restoration of a Douglas DC3 "Spirit of Santa Monica". He was instrumental in the donation of a JT8 engine to Crimson Technical and San Bernardino Colleges. Mark's current project is assisting in restoring and mounting the donated, forward fuselage of a FedEx 727 for the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, CA. Mark is also on the board of directors for Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum in Compton, CA and a member of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP).

Mark has worked with Sandia National Labs at the FAA's Airworthiness Assurance Center (AANC), Boeing, and Federal Express to complete a pilot program to validate and introduce boron composite doubler repair technology to the U.S. commercial aircraft industry. He is the cofounder and vice chairman of the board for Incorporated, and has also recently received recognition from the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Gloria Cosby

Gloria Cosby, - Gloria Cosby joined Cygnus Business Media in 1989. In 2007, she was promoted from Group Publisher to Brand Director. In 2011, she was promoted to one of just four Executive Vice President positions overseeing the Diversified Group. As EVP, she is responsible for managing strategy and implementation of print, digital and tradeshow brands in several top U.S. industries including transportation and aviation. She is a recognized expert on digital assets and integrating business-to-business platforms for advertisers and was previously named to MIN's list of “11 Women to Watch.”

Ronald Donner

Ronald Donner, Ronald (Ron) Donner is an aviation professional having spent his entire life involved in aviation. He holds FAA certificates as an A&P/IA, commercial pilot, single and multi engine land, instrument airplane, glider, and is an airplane owner.

Ron began his aviation career working line service while attending aviation school. From 1975 until 1983 he held positions in general aviation as line service, technician, inspector, and charter pilot. He then began a long career with Northwest Airlines holding positions as a technician, supervisor, manager, quality assurance auditor and FAA liaison. His activity in the QA/FAA Liaison group gained him significant experience in regulatory compliance, safety, airport operations, and repair station/MRO activity worldwide. In January 2010 he left NWA and now uses his aviation experience as the Editor of Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) Magazine.

Ron has been a volunteer member of the Board of Directors for Minnesota based Stanton Sport Aviation Inc. from 2000 to present, president from 2004 to 2009, and is currently vice president. He serves on the advisory committee for the annual Minnesota Aviation Maintenance Conference, is an FAA Safety Team Representative, and a member in good standing of many aviation organizations.

Robert DrakeRobert Drake, Director - Robert Drake is the Director of Education for Crimson Technical College - Los Angeles, an industry-leading school for FAA certified Airframe & Powerplant mechanics.

Robert joined Crimson Technical College (formerly Redstone College) in January 2006 and has been actively involved in the Aviation Technician Education Council and AMTSociety. During the past year, Robert served on the Industry Relations Committee for ATEC and brought a school sponsored team to the AMT Skills Competition in Las Vegas.

Prior to joining Crimson, Robert spent 18 years with Alaska Airlines. Starting as a Base Maintenance Technician, Robert was Full RII Rated for the MD-80, 737-200, 737-400 and 737-NG. As a Lead Aircraft Mechanic, Robert had Run & Taxi Ratings on all aircraft as well as Airworthiness Release privileges. His last 5 years were spent as a Line Maintenance Supervisor at the Los Angeles station.

Before joining Alaska Airlines, Robert spent two years as a Bench Technician for Garrett AiResearch.

Patrick McDevittPatrick McDevitt - Pat McDevitt has worked closely with the Aviation community for nearly 30 years, primarily in support of assembly and maintenance solutions for aviation from general aviation to Space Flight.

Pat is currently the Director of Innovation for Snap-on Tools Industrial division. He has held numerous positions in his ongoing 33 year career with Snap-on Tools. Previously involved with the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association as a long term Board member. Pat is a passionate voice and supporter of the aviation Maintenance community.

Fund raising, event coordination, and enlisting corporate support is some of the talents which Pat brings to AMTSociety and its members.

Mike Sasso

Michael Sasso, As a second generation A&P Technician Mike started his aviation career in high school graduating from Aviation High School in New York with my Airframe and FCC License, graduating with honors and receiving a scholarship to attend Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, OK. He also received a AAS degree from Spartan as well as worked to complete a BS degree through Tulsa University.

He started in the industry as an avionics technician for United Airlines while completing his Powerplant certification at Solano Community College. He worked his way up at United from technician to overhaul maintenance supervisor managing the 727/737 heavy check Lines, the moving out to post check test flight management and then onto terminal operations and line operations including a stint as a station maintenance controller. Mike left United to move back to the Midwest and started at American Airlines as a sheet metal/structures mechanic, quickly moving up to run the 727 heavy check line once again and then moved to DFW where he managed the MD11 B check line operations.

After leaving American, he worked at Kitty Hawk as a MX controller and a second term as a base manager, as well as line maintenance manager for FedEx; station MX manager for Air Wisconsin; and a maintenance controller, then MRO Supervisor for Comair.

More recently, he was the manager of maintenance control for Mesaba Airlines, as well as the director of the SOC and then director of maintenance until the time it was purchased by NWA.

Upon moving out of the management realm, he was instrumental in the writing of the maintenance electronic logbook for the EFB for Teledyne Controls, and also spent some time with Jeppesen as a sales and service rep managing one of its largest accounts in NWA until it was merged with Delta.

He became active in his community starting and managing a local chamber of commerce which focused on community and b2b networking and sales and marketing training for small to medium businesses in the digital age. He still works with the Chamber at a local level in both Rockford, IL, and Minneapolis, MN.

Currently he has combined his aviation and sales knowledge at AMT Magazine and Cygnus Aviation where he is National Account. And he has started working with Rock Valley College, preparing to lead a summer program as an adjunct instructor in its A&P program.

Andy S. WilsonAndy S. Wilson, Director - Andy is active in serving his community in multiple projects, his passion is serving as the Director of Santa Flight, a volunteer organization that fly's food, clothing, medical supplies and toys to remote parts of Utah serving all of the Native American Tribes during the Christmas holiday season.

Andy S. Wilson is currently an Instructor at the Salt Lake Community College's Aerospace, Aviation & Related Technologies Program where he teaches Sheet Metal, Composites, and Aircraft Systems. His industry experience has brought new levels to the Aviation Maintenance training area with the incorporation of curriculum design changes that address issues of FAR Part 145 Class IV Repair Station processes and system management. In addition he serves on the Professional Advisory Committee for the colleges AMT Program and on the Curriculum Committee for the college as a whole.

Andy received his Airframe & Powerplant license in 1979 and received a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management from Florida Institute of Technology in 1986.

With over 20 years experience, his diversity in the industry includes Pratt & Whitney in the Government and Commercial Products Programs, Comair Airlines as an Administrator of Maintenance, and for almost 10 years prior to joining the college as Vice President of Aircraft Maintenance at Million Air – Salt Lake City where he managed a large FAR Part 145, Class IV Repair Station. In addition to his A&P, Andy is also an IA and Private Pilot and which he utilizes in his Aviation Mobile Maintenance business serving the greater Utah area. Andy employs students in his mobile business allowing students to gain experience in Aviation Maintenance while serving the Greater Salt Lake Aviation Community.

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