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AMTSociety Supports the Aerospace Maintenance Association's
Aerospace Maintenance Competition in 2014

To better serve its entire membership and to enhance future offerings, the AMTSociety is proud to lend its support to the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, presented by the Aerospace Maintenance Association in 2014.

Over the past six years the AMTSociety has held their Maintenance Skills Competition in conjunction with Cygnus Business Media's Aviation Pros LIVE annual tradeshow. Once again this year a maintenance competition will take place at this event but will be organized and managed by the newly formed Aerospace Maintenance Association with support of Cygnus Business Media, Snap-On Tool Corporation and the AMTSociety.

The AMC is being managed by the Honorable John Goglia, former NTSB member and staunch advocate for the aircraft maintenance technician, and will be held March 25th and 26th, 2014 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. For information on the AMC and to register your team visit:

6th Annual AMTSociety Maintenance Skills Competition
March 13-14, 2013 - Las Vegas Convention Center

The winners of AMTSociety's 2013 Maintenance Skills Competition are as follows:

Commercial Aviation Category:

1st Place: FedEx Team LAX
2nd Place: FedEx Team INDY
3rd Place: UPS

MRO/OEM Category:

1st Place: Team Boeing
2nd Place: TIMCO
3rd Place: Lode Technology

School Category:

1st Place: Team Redstone College
2nd Place: Spartan College of Aerospace & Technology and Salt Lake Community College
3rd Place: Aviation Institute of Maintenance Team Dallas
NOTE: The 2013 AMTS MSC is the first year of the six years of competition that there was a tie for 2nd Place

Military Category:

1st Place: United States Coast Guard

General Aviation Category:

1st Place: Constant Aviation

William F. "Bill" O'Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance

There is also an award presented to the one team from all the teams that compete that has the lowest overall score and this year that team was FedEx Team LAX! This award is called the William F. "Bill" O'Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance. This prestigious recognition not only comes with extra Snap-On Tools but also a trophy created and sponsored by Snap-On Industrial which consists of a bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor mounted on the top of two airfoils with polished metal supports and wire braces separating them. The glass sides are etched with the names of the five aircraft maintenance technicians who earned this wonderful award along with the name of their respective company or organization. (The previous recipients of this award are Continental Airlines '08/'09, Southwest Airlines '10/'11, United States Coast Guard '12.)

Charles E. Taylor Professional AMT Award

The AMTSociety also presents the Charles E. Taylor Professional AMT Award which is given to the single most professional looking, professional acting and highest team spirited competitors in the AMTS MSC. This year the recipient was United States Coast Guardsman AET 2 Michael Bosch from Air Station Clearwater FL. This award also has Snap-On Industrial associated with it, most notably a gold engraved open end/box end wrench mounted in a shadow box.

AMTSociety wishes to thank the following teams for
participating in the 6th Annual Maintenance Skills Competition.

Click Here to See the Full List

Event (Check back soon for updated event information)  


Charles E. Taylor Exam
CAE CAE Avionic Troubleshooting Event
Turbine Engine Event
Alaska Airlines
External Power Receptacle Simulator Event
Boeing 767 Window Repair
DFW Pitot Static Test Event
Alberth Aviation
GV Wheel & Brake Event
Regulatory & Maintenance Technical Publication Research Event
Nida Corporation
Aircraft Power Distribution Troubleshooting Event
Fluid Power
Hydraulic Test Stand Event
Spartan College
Safety Wiring Event


NDI Event
Redstone College
Wiring & Cannon Plug Event
Bond and Ground Event
Weight & Balance Event


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