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IA Refresher Training Program
All AMTs are encouraged to attend.

Continual learning is a key component to aviation safety, your career, and our profession. AMTSociety strives to provide its members with benefits that aid in their personal and professional growth. Through our aircraft maintenance educational seminars known as the Roadshow Consortium live training seminars provide ongoing learning opportunities.

The topics covered during the live events have recently been enhanced. Regardless if you are a student, a new A&P, a seasoned technician holding an Inspection Authorization (IA), a maintenance manager, or director of maintenance, anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

Each seminar meets the requirements contained in FAR 65.93(a)(4) for Inspection Authorization (IA) renewal training and is acceptable towards 8 hours of training for IA renewal and the FAA AMT Awards Program. In addition to AMTSociety's IA refresher training, YOU MUST also comply with the “actively engaged” requirements in FAR 65.91(c)(1)-(4) to meet the requirements of IA renewal. Cost is $111.00 per event.

See presentations from industry leaders like:
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Hartzell Engine Technologies
  • Lee Areospace
  • SMA Engines
  • Champion Aerospace
  • Cirrus Aircraft
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Global Parts
  • Michelin Aircraft Tire Company

NOTE: Additional speakers/topics are being added. Some speakers/topics may change depending on location.

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