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AMTSociety's Mission

To actively promote and protect the professional aircraft maintenance technician's craft and profession, enhance the future of the profession and to provide resources and benefits to our members. Your generous support enables AMTSociety to pursue that mission through active education, safety initiatives, legislative representation and public awareness activities.

About AMTSociety

The most important asset of AMTSociety is our membership. Networking, utilizing thoughts and ideas of our associates, we can jointly provide our professional community the ability to achieve individual self-improvement including technological advancement, safety enhancements, and maintenance human factors training. AMTSociety is a growing organization focused on the aviation maintenance technician. Our leadership team comes from the trenches and is as diversified as our industry with representation from all aspects of aviation maintenance. We have chapters tailored to the local needs including dedicated groups for our student members.

Corporate and School Memberships include:
  • A plaque recognizing your support of AMTSociety
  • Photo and short article in the AMT Magazine Mx Logs Update
  • Logo and link on AMTSociety's website
  • Display of your logo at AMTSociety IA Renewals
  • Display of your logo in other AMTSociety marketing materials.
  • One (1) Individual Membership to AMTSociety

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